Banquet – Suramya Nilay Desination

Project Details

Project: Banquet – Suramya Nilay Desination
Location: Nainital, Uttarakhand
Area: 7000 sq.ft.
Design Team: Ar. Harsh Gupta, Ar. Dheeraj Maurya

Banquet – Suramya Nilay Desination

The project is located in Nainital City, Uttrakhand province. The site is a typical hilly terrain in Himalayan Plain. At the beginning of the project, the designer picked a construction next to the pond, opposite to the township road. He hope the vehicle from expressway could see the whole picture of the building in the first eye, thus forming a relationship between the scenery.

he height of the eaves on one side is 4 meters high, the total length of the building is 104 meters. The border line of the pond, a few levels of ridge in front of the building and the cornice line on the water side of the building strengthen the characteristics of hilly terrain in Himalayan Plain.

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