The North Semblance

Project Details

Project: The North Semblance
Location: Model Town, Delhi
Area: 450 sq.yd.
Design Team: Ar. Archishmaan, Ar. Aastha Katyal

The North Semblance

The 4 bedroom apartment of carpet area 2850sq.ft. belongs to a humble nuclear family of 4. The apartment; to quote them is their dream home.  As a design company, we are involved with the client to assert not only changes in their living but also the lifestyle. An open-ended brief was given to us to target both these aspects of their lives.

Inculcating modern aesthetics with a timelessness was the target we set. The family consists of a young couple and their 2 children; a daughter and son. Each of them having a room, the fourth room being a guest bedroom. Planning is a crucial part of the design, it is a guiding path for designs to flow in from. The house was initially structured in a way that the dining area was a part of the living room. Wanting to make the living room large and lavish we relocated the dining seating into the Kitchen. The kitchen was a large area dedicated to only one function.

We infused the other activities related to that making it more comprehensive.  The wall dividing the kitchen and the entrance foyer was broken and replaced with a glass partition. An island counter was planned between the kitchen platform. Upon entering the foyer has a vaulted ceiling with a gentle geometry that forms the door and the wall panel.

Mirror has been used extensively to amplify the space further. From the foyer, you get a glimpse of the dining room. A curved glass partition acts as the divider between the foyer and the dining room. This custom curved glass partition has a wooden ledge nestled in between the curve; from the entrance, it seems as the ledge is levitating.

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