Nostalgic Haven

Project Details

Project: Nostalgic heaven
Location: Noida, sector 108
Area: 3500 sq.ft.
Design Team: Ar. Archishmaan, Ar. Aastha Katyal

Nostalgic Haven

As exotic as it sounds, The design process was equally exotic, with tracing

This project involved creating a simple, functional home for a small entrepreneurial family with an appreciable creative streak. The client runs a thriving business, but is also an enthusiastic poet, while his son is an avid wildlife photographer. 

The site is located on the edge of the sprawl, the residence and the farmland are intertwined, and the distinctive scenery of the “Japanese suburbs” with a strong contrast is characteristic. The owner is a person who engages in the construction industry and customize it while having fun more and more from now on. So, I thought about a simple and primitive roof of japan that can boldly change the environment and lifestyle by low-tech.

To better incorporate the environment of four seasons in Japan, the roofing material is translucent, the ceiling can be opened and closed, and the attic, empty space controls the environment (its light, rain, heat) of the living space. In addition, considering the summer ventilation and the heat insulation in winter, the wall of the north and south was made a leap door. As respiring, residents close to and open the building according to the environment, it is a residence that is the extension of the body. Although it may not be a way of living where many people are accepted, it is a way of living enjoying grace while interacting with the environment, not living in a box like a refrigerator topper that is tightly separated by insulation material.

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