The Mithilanchal Quest

Project Details

Project: The Mithilanchal Quest
Location: Vasundhra Enclave
Area: 1400 sq.ft.
Design Team: Ar. Archishmaan Srivastava, Ar. Aastha Katyal, Ar. Harsh Gupta

The Mithilanchal Quest

To create a possible theme which would reflect the art forms of the region and also be functional, comfortable and chic was the primary idea behind the concept. The final theme is based on elements of Mithila art and its modest conception into contemporary elements.

The raw textures and appeal of the theme has been kept in mind. The concept is fusion of artistic and Indian elements from the art forms and lifestyle of Bihar plus maintaining an overall modern and youthful look to make it appealing to the young inhabitants.

There are two entrances to the apartment. One from the living room area and another through a more private passage which acts as more of an exclusive entry.

It’s a compact 3 Bedroom apartment house in a posh neighbourhood in New Delhi, overlooking an array of beautiful ashoka trees adding a very cosy vibe to it. The residence was designed for a nuclear family of 4, middle aged parents, a son and a daughter. The massing has been in a way that it incorporates a living room, a dining area, a separate mandir area and

The textures and finishes used in the residence are interestingly paired to tell the tale of the bygone era, with the major visual texture being the roof and the raw beige colored walls.

The Living area has a handsome Italian marble flooring, with bold grains in browns and greys.
the ceiling in contrast to the royal marble flooring is contemporary with wooden and white being the primary colours. The ceiling has wooden battens polished in matt finish, giving this space a traditional yet contemporary vibe.

The strategic use of colors makes the space look clutter free and recent.

The Accent wall in the living area has a subtle beige base, and then in the middle sits this magnificent art piece that was created out of making a combination of natural stone pieces representing the stone cut architecture of Bihar.

Panning through the space you would see the TV unit wall which is in stark contrast to the theme still blending in, also being entrance wall, has French panelling in powder pink colour and this console in dark Oakwood shade.

The living and dining spaces are bifurcated by a contemporary style see through partition, which was conceptualised to have a geometrical outline, it has rectangles arranged in an abstract format for storage. talking about the furniture, solid colours such as royal blue and rust shade for the sofa and accent chairs are used

The arch here is a very interesting element, it acts a partition between the mandir area and the dining area, it brings together transitional architecture and Moroccan design. This arch pretty much defines the house, its essence and its overall look. In front of the arch is the dining space with Bauhaus and modern inspired chairs, the onyx table top and a beautiful wooden fan with a subtle false ceiling.

The dining table which was made out pure sheesham wood, has an onyx marble table top, which was curated all the way from makrana for the residence, the chairs with their Bauhaus design in hues of Persian blue and faded teal create a beautiful and interesting grunge. Fabric can play an important role when talking about design and cosy residential interiors.

The dining table and the arch are a signature addition to the project making it exciting and exotic.

On the opposite wall of the arch there is a lot of drama happening, with a lime coloured floral wallpaper and on top of it is this Mithila artwork. The Mithila paintings an A0 size art piece which is done on silk fabric, it sings the stories of beautiful art forms and artisans from our country.

The overall space feels surreal with the coastal and tropical colour palettes coming alive to create this majestic dining space. The greenery in the backdrop adds to the charm.


The mandir unit wall is a tiled surface wall with Italian marble finish tiles laser cut in the formation of lotus motifs, which is again synonymous to madhubani art of the Mithila region, the brass bells hung on either side of the mandir had intricate meenakari work on them.

The colour palette of the mandir area was kept ‘mocha’ brown and ‘bratia’ beige, with green coloured curtains in ‘IKAT’ fabric in green, to match the scale of the greens through the magnificent vista.

The colour palette of the mandir area was kept ‘mocha’ brown and ‘bratia’ beige, with green coloured curtains in ‘IKAT’ fabric in green, to match the scale of the greens through the magnificent vista. The quirky wall art was a DIY by the design team which added a quintessential twist to the room. The opposite wall is coloured in olive green, with an Oakwood coloured console and a contemporary design themed white top study table supported on solid wood criss-cross legs. The TV console was rectangular in form but with a wooden carved façade.


The Bed back wall was created in a contemporary French design with the colour palette going from. blush salmon pink’, to bright ‘castor’ blue, the stone cladding on wall is a fusion of ‘terventino’ and ‘Italian marble’.

Art encapsulates this space in the form of the ‘neo classical’ mirror and the eclectic frames on the wall, namely the ‘fresco’ from ‘Michelangelo’s’ collection.

Stone finishes are the latest trend of 2021 and this sweet obsession can be seen in the details of the project where stone finishes have been given special importance in almost all details, be it the stone panelling, stone artwork, the praying area or the stone side table.

The master bedroom has a stone cladded wall paired with a wooden panelled bed back wall design. The evening lights are inspired from champagne glasses hanging magnificently on both sides. The false ceiling design is crafted cosy chamfered form that that exudes modernism.

The bed was given this deep velvet green texture so that it adds to the required colour and the opulent appeal to the room.

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