About Us



We started with designing of kitchens and small crucial spaces in interior spaces, This realisation struck us that we need to redefine architecture for the layman, they shouldn’t be seeing a well-designed and thought after space as a luxury but a basic necessity, we wanted to add value to our projects and that could only be done with profound understanding and replete imagery of architectural concepts. Positioning ourselves on the right path we began inducing therapy in our designs and then this became our design language.


All the spaces that add value and provide a sense of therapy to the user have these things in common : The need for a better lifestyle, for a more fulfilled living, for high living comfort and high efficiency.

Therapeutic architecture simple means bringing therapy and architecture together, which in turn boils down to adding therapy through architecture.  Therapy is no more a luxury it is the need of the hour. So providing therapy with design or specifically designed spaces can be quite a challenging task, it probes a lot of psychological layers of an individual, one must design keeping in mind the uses, functions and many other concerns from the user’s perspective.

Our brand’s USP

We are unique because of the way we think! the way we design! We at amaze spaces think that every space has a soul of its own and it should be designed keeping in mind the essence of it.

We have introduced the concept of ‘therapeutic living’ in the realm of architecture and Interior design. Enlivening the space with design elements like smell, vision, sound, biophilia etc.

Our Vision
Our vision is a creative process where ideas can flow freely through cultural barriers and gain from the commingling of diverse disciplines and techniques to spread the idea of therapeutic living through the heritage Indian art and architecture.
Our Mission
Our mission is to broaden the users perspective towards a more fulfilled way of living, spreading the idea of sustainable and therapeutic architecture in every project we take up!

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